Effects of high pressure and high temperature on thickening time of cement slurry in the cementing process at Nam Con Son basin

  • Hoai Nam Truong Vietnam Oil and Gas Group
Keywords: High pressure, high temperature, cement slurry, thickening time, Nam Con Son basin


Thickening time is an important parameter that affects the well cementing process - a decisive step in the quality and efficiency of well operation. During the pumping process, the thickening time of the slurry needs to be greater than the pumping time. Otherwise, problems will occur due to cement curing prematurely before technological processes are implemented, easily leading to complications and incidents, causing waste of materials and costs, and prolonging construction time. Currently, to construct the oil and gas wells, G-grade Portland cement - a popular type of cement for deep well constructions - is normally used. However, under high pressure and high temperature conditions in the Nam Con Son basin, it is necessary to add silica heat-stable additives to ensure the thickening time of the cement slurry is consistent with the conditions of the well.


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