VPI and SPE jointly hold international workshop

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Keywords: Mature field development, IOR/EOR technology, VPI, SPE


An international workshop on “Mature field development and IOR/EOR technology” will be jointly organized by Vietnam Petroleum Institute (VPI) and the Society of Petroleum Engineers, from 28 - 29 September 2020 in Hanoi, VPI announced.
The workshop arises from a VPI’s long-term research program seeking for improved oil recovery (IOR) and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) solutions for mature fields in Vietnam. Dr. Nguyen Huu Trung - VPI’s senior technical advisor - said, after years of production, most of the big oil fields in Vietnam, such as Bach Ho, Rang Dong, Su Tu Den, etc., had entered their production decline, co-occurring with water flood increase at some production wells in addition to other complicated phenomena as scaling, paraffin deposition or sand accumulation in the wellbore, which all negatively affect the oil production. Seeking solutions to control production decline to improve productivity and enhance oil recovery of the mature oil fields is set as an urgent task for the oil industry nowadays.
The workshop agenda focuses on exchanging knowledge, sharing experience in asset management particularly for mature fields, new technology for production optimization/EOR along with various case studies in the world.
The workshop is scheduled in 9 sessions with the main topics of Challenges in mature fields management and EOR, Reservoir characterization and modelling, Advanced EOR solutions: techniques and engineering, Mature field production management and EOR.
Especially in the era of the 4th industrial revolution, the workshop will focus on applications of digitial transfomationand artificial intelligence for mature field management to monitor the production decline, improve productivity and enhance the oil recovery rate of the fields in Vietnam.
The workshop is a forum to bridge experts, scientists of the international oil and gas community; it is also an event for research organizations, oil and gas companies, consultants and service providers to update their latest studies, state-of-the-art technologies, problems and solutions relating to IOR/EOR and mature field management.
Since being established in 1978, VPI study outputs have become crucial bases for PVN’s policy planning, strategy settings and decision making as well as reliable consultant resources for the Government in petroleum exploration, production, transportation, processing, HSE, industry economics and management. VPI aims at growing into an innovation hub, converging international intellect to create scientific and technological value for Vietnam oil and gas industry, to satisfy the demand of science & technology development and highly qualified human resource training.
SPE is the Society of Petroleum Engineers based in the USA with more than 153,000 members from 143 countries all over the world. SPE is highly recognized by its professional activities annually.

Specialists, researchers are called to send your abstracts to the Conference before July 31, 2020, by accessing the link below:
For any further information, please contact: Dr. Pham Quy Ngoc – VPI Science & Strategic Studies Department (Email: ngocpq@vpi.pvn.vn)


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