Characterisation and building of dual porosity model for production simulation of Ca Ngu Vang fractured basement reservoir

  • Nguyen Hai An Petrovietnam Exploration Production Corporation
  • Ngo Huu Hai Petrovietnam Exploration Production Corporation
  • Nguyen Hoang Duc Petrovietnam Exploration Production Corporation
  • Pham Tuan Dung Hoang Long Joint Operating Company
  • Pham Thi Thuy Hoang Long Joint Operating Company
  • Bui Van Lam Hoang Long Joint Operating Company
  • Le Xuan Lan University of Mining and Geology
  • Le Huy Hoang Hoang Long Joint Operating Company
Keywords: Single porosity, dual porosity, fractured basement reservoir, simulation model, integrated data, Ca Ngu Vang field


Ca Ngu Vang fractured granitic basement reservoir consists of at least two porosity-permeability systems that could be modelled by classifying fractured zones based on the proportion of micro fracture and macro fracture. It is indicated by: (i) the results of core analysis from wells of neighbouring fi elds such as Bach Ho basement reservoir; (ii) the DST and the production analysis results of Ca Ngu Vang wells.

In Vietnam, the operators have been using single porosity model to simulate production performance in fractured basement reservoirs. However, well behaviour shows diffi culties in production prediction that usually leads to overestimation. Many operators have conducted researches, developed and built diff erent modelling methods, even with dual porosity model. Although there are several innovative ideas, but still no appropriate model for production forecast and evaluation has been developed.

In fact, the single porosity model behaviour could not capture production data, especially water-breakthrough and production forecast. Therefore, the second concept of dual porosity model was used for modelling Ca Ngu Vang fractured basement reservoir. This paper focuses on the modelling methodology for setting up reliable production performance model of heterogeneous fractured granitic basement reservoir.


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