Nickel recovery from spent catalyst of Phu My Fertilizer Plant to prepare environmental catalyst for treatment of CO and C3H6

  • Le Phuc Nguyen Vietnam Petroleum Institute
  • Nguyen Thi Anh Thu Vietnam Petroleum Institute
  • Luong Ngoc Thuy Vietnam Petroleum Institute
  • Nguyen Van Hieu Vietnam Petroleum Institute
  • Nguyen Hoai Thu Vietnam Petroleum Institute
  • Nguyen Sura Vietnam Petroleum Institute
Keywords: CO treatment, spent catalysts, fertilizer plant, Ni, light-off CO


In this study, a very promising way was proposed to recover nickel from spent catalysts of fertilizer plants to synthesise material for exhaust-gas treatment. This method, which was essentially Ni extraction using HNO3 acid, was analysed by investigating the following process parameters: decoking, acid concentration, temperature time of digestion, solid/liquid ratio, particle size and stirring rate. Results showed that under the suitable conditions of leaching, it was possible to achieve a nickel recovery of over 90% with a purity of over 90% in 1 hour. The recovered Ni was then used as a precursor for synthesising the catalysts for treatment of CO-HC. Compared with the catalyst prepared from commercially available nickel nitrate, this material exhibits similar physical properties and performances. It is feasible to achieve over 90% conversion of CO, C3H6 at 268oC, GHSV > 100.000 h-1.


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