Assessment of probability of failure of steel jacket structures subject to ship collision in offshore Viet Nam

  • Joko Harsono Widjaja
  • Tu Le Trung
  • Tran Thanh Quyen
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The paper presents a reliability approach to assess the impact of ship collision on the existing jacket platforms in the waters of Viet Nam. The approach adopts the limit state concept for boat impact energy and platform structural absorption energy capacity to assess the structural failures. Two boat impact energy spectra, representing the 50th and 95th percentiles of impact energy, are used to determine the probability of platform structural failure. In this paper, the platform structural absorption energy of one representative steel jacket type platform is determined using SACS “Collapse” module based on plasticity for structural members which will subsequently contribute to the loss of global structural stiffness.
The study provides an insight into the maximum boat impact energy for steel jacket type platforms which can be mitigated by other means such as regulation of structural design criteria and marine operations.


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