Analysis of geochemical characteristics on database of hydrocarbon composition of crude oils from Bach Ho field by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry method (GC-MS)

  • Vu Van Hai
  • O.V. Serebrennikova
  • Yu.V. Savinykh
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The gas chromatography-mass spectrometry method is used to study the composition of hydrocarbons of crude oils and dispersed organic matter of rocks from basement, Oligocene and Miocene of the Bach Ho field. In all the crude oils investigated, hydrocarbons include alkanes, alkylcyclohexanes, methylalkylcyclohexanes, steranes, sekohopanes, sesqui-, tri- and pentacyclic terpanes, alkylbenzenes, bi-, tri-, tetra- and pentacyclic condensed aromatic structures. The closeness of the composition of crude oils from Oligocene and basement shows that they have a genetic relationship. The differences founded may be due to the less thermal transformation of crude oils from Miocene and the processes of biodegradation in reservoirs. The composition of biomarkers indicates that the initial conditions for accumulation of oil source organic matter of all crude oils are similar to the conditions of sedimentation of Oligocene - Early Miocene from this investigated area.


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