Key factors shaping energy transition strategies of asia’s national oil and gas companies

  • Dao Minh Phuong
  • Pham Ba Nam
  • Nghiem Thi Ngoan
  • Duong Minh Tri
Keywords: Energy transition, national oil and gas companies, Asia


In the trend of energy transition, the world’s major oil and gas companies are shifting their investments from oil and gas to renewable energy to fulfil commitments for a “low carbon” or “lower carbon” future. While maintaining their traditional activities, national oil and gas companies (NOCs) have begun to set specific low-carbon targets and invested in renewable energy. The article analyses the key factors shaping the energy transition and climate change mitigation strategies of NOCs in Asia such as Petronas, Pertamina and PTT.


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Phuong, D. M., Nam, P. B., Ngoan, N. T., & Tri, D. M. (2021). Key factors shaping energy transition strategies of asia’s national oil and gas companies. Petrovietnam Journal, 9, 24-32.

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