Better exploration prospectivity understanding through the use of advanced 3D broadband seismic

  • Pham Vu Chuong Rosneft Vietnam
  • Pham Minh Hai Rosneft Vietnam
  • Paul Begg Rosneft Vietnam
  • Timur Manapov Rosneft Vietnam
Keywords: 3D broadband seismic, AVO, Nam Con Son basin


Nam Con Son basin is one of the most prolifi c oil and gas rich basins in Vietnam. Oil and gas is produced in a number of fi elds, i.e. Dai Hung, Hai Thach/Moc Tinh, Lan Tay/Lan Do, Dua/Chim Sao and Rong Doi/Rong Doi Tay. Despite many successful wells, there are opportunities to improve exploration CoS (chance of success) in a basin by better prediction of trap defi nition, reservoir and seal risks. This paper presents the use of advanced 3D broadband data to help better understanding the exploration prospectivity in the centre of the Nam Con Son basin.

3D broadband seismic was acquired and processed in 2013 - 2014, and conventional and special seismic interpretation techniques (Amplitude Versus Offset - AVO) were conducted to provide a better geological understanding of the prospectivity. In particular: i) traps were  well defi ned in both structural and stratigraphic plays, ii) reservoir was better predicted through a combination of sequence stratigraphy and special seismic studies, iii) seal potential across major faults was determined by combination of conventional geological methods and using the seismic character response across the faults.

The presented results may be helpful for geoscientists exploring in the Nam Con Son basin and other areas of the Vietnam shelf.



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