Solutions to improve the performance of production wells through coreflooding experiments using multi-purpose coreflooding system

  • Nguyen Van Hieu Vietnam Petroleum Institute
  • Nguyen Hong Minh Vietnam Petroleum Institute
  • Phan Ngoc Quoc Vietnam Petroleum Institute
  • Nguyen Lam Quoc Cuong Vietnam Petroleum Institute
Keywords: Chemical injection, acid treatment, condensate banking, multi-purpose coreflooding system


The study and evaluation of reservoir conditions to find solutions to maintain production are top priority of oil and gas companies. The conducting of coreflooding tests in the laboratory before industrial scale application on field requires synchronised and precise equipment system which can give highly reliable results. The CF700 multi-purpose coreflooding system developed by the Vietnam Petroleum Institute (VPI) has been used to conduct 3 main types of coreflooding test to improve the performance of production wells in 3 fields with different flow degradation problems: EN chemical water shutoff injection to reduce the water oil ratio (WOR) in production; evaluating the effect of acid on scale treatment in the reservoir; and chemical injection to reduce condensate saturation and restore gas permeability in the near well bore for the gas condensate field.


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Nguyen, V. H., Nguyen, H. M., Phan, N. Q., & Nguyen, L. Q. C. (2022). Solutions to improve the performance of production wells through coreflooding experiments using multi-purpose coreflooding system . Petrovietnam Journal, 4, 18 - 26.