Research on production of a composite coating system to control corrosion at pipe supports

  • Nguyen Thi Le Hien Vietnam Petroleum Institute
  • Nguyen Dinh Dung Vietnam Petroleum Institute
  • Pham Thi Huong Vietnam Petroleum Institute
  • Doan Thanh Dat Vietnam Petroleum Institute
Keywords: Corrosion under support, epoxy/graphene, MS polymer, reinforced polyester


The coating system which consists of 03 layers based on epoxy anti-corrosion primer containing graphene, MS polymer sealant, and glass fibre reinforced polyester has been studied for control of corrosion at pipe supports. Graphene is dispersed at a concentration of 100 ppm in epoxy to form a primer coating, which can improve the adhesion, mechanical properties, and corrosion resistance as compared to epoxy coating without graphene. Polyester reinforced with 20% glass fibre allows increased impact strength and enhances the economic efficiency of the pipelining. The silicone-based MS polymer layer with good elasticity and high adhesion helps increase the impact strength of the composite system and completely isolate the pipe from the environment, eliminating the crevite and galvanic corrosions at pipe supports. 


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Nguyen, T. L. H., Nguyen, D. D., Pham, T. H., & Doan, T. D. (2022). Research on production of a composite coating system to control corrosion at pipe supports. Petrovietnam Journal, 5, 28 - 37.

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