Studies on transformation of CO2 and CO2-rich natural gas into fuels and chemicals at PVPro/VPI: initial results and future works

  • Dang Thanh Tung
  • Le Phuc Nguyen
  • Nguyen Hoai Thu
  • Nguyen Anh Duc
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This paper summarises some initial research results of CO2 and CO2-rich natural gas transformation into fuels
and chemicals at VPI. Our results showed that CO2 conversion by either direct or indirect routes to fuel or chemical is feasible. The improved catalyst performance by optimisation of catalyst formulation, structure, and catalyst preparation methods will greatly contribute to the overall economics of the process. On the other hand, application of new catalytic reactor technology such as membrane reactor also enhances the process efficiency. These promising results will pave the way for further investment of research activities, aiming to develop new catalysts and technologies that ultimately could help to efficiently utilise CO2 and CO2-rich natural gas in Viet Nam.


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